Smart City Media

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Scott Pomeroy
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Chief Intelligence Officer
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Smart City Media (SCM) believes in the power of media and digital services - that are locally based and locally relevant - to engage the community and inspire action, what we call “Media with a Purpose.” Since 2015 we have partnered with the City of Kansas City to bring the CityPost Network and engaging content to the KC Streetcar stations , to public spaces throughout DowntownKC, to KCI, onto the UMKC campus, and since December 2019, to the bus shelters at every stop along the route of the Prospect MAX Bus Rapid Transit Line.

The CityPost Network broadcasts valuable placed based content; that engages and informs people on the street. The network provides general awareness of locally relevant activities and resources combined with the ability to find specific details about what’s of interest to you, where you are, when you are there. The details could include multi-modal wayfinding instructions to get you to to the farmers market or information translated into one of nine different languages, about who qualifies for Emergency Broadband Benefits. 

SCM is eager to collaborate with the members of Digital Inclusion KC to identify ways the CityPost Network on Prospect Avenue in particular can be used raise awareness for programs and resources designed to help increase broadband adoption as well as inform about best practice programs and hands on trainings can help address digital literacy. 

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