The Kansas City Coalition for Digital Inclusion is an open, collaborative group of Kansas City area nonprofits, individuals, government entities and business focused on fostering internet access and digital readiness in greater Kansas City. Membership meetings occur on a monthly basis at the Kansas City Public Library.

Mission & Vision

Every citizen and household in the Kansas City metropolitan area has access to the Internet, the equipment needed to use it and the skills needed to take advantage.

To facilitate collaboration among organizations and initiatives working to bridge the digital divide in order maximize the resources for the greatest impact.

Who Are We?

Steering Council: The Coalition is governed by a steering council and driven by over 200 members who represent dozens of entities across several industries including nonprofits, independent community members, neighborhood associations, government agencies, and private businesses. Membership is free and open to any individual or organization sharing the Coalition’s vision and mission.

Where Do We Work?

The Kansas City Coalition for Digital Inclusion is a regional initiative. We have members on both sides of the Missouri-Kansas state line, representing counties in MO including Jackson, Platte, and Clay, and in KS including Johnson, Wyandotte and Douglas. Monthly meetings take place at the Kansas City Public Library’s Central Library in downtown KCMO. Occasionally, we host meetings and special events in the communities we serve. Special Note: as we continue to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic, monthly meetings are currently taking place via Zoom.

Why Does Our Work Matter?

Exclusion from access to affordable devices and the internet, including high speed connectivity, has profound repercussions for those on the wrong side of the digital divide. Those without access are disadvantaged in today’s digital society, facing challenges conducting business, accessing health information, gathering research, looking for employment, learning, completing school assignments, securing government services or even communicating on a day-to-day basis.