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Essential Families- Everything Starts at Home...

Broadband internet is no longer a luxury—it's a necessity!

Making broadband internet available “for all” is the critical challenge of our time. To create a future where technology serves humanity as a whole, and where public purpose drives innovation, we need a new approach and solution.

Broadband internet “enables” ACCESS to Essential Families programs, 24 Hours a day, 7 days a week, that stabilize children and families is the “GAP”; that has created a digital divide, preventing children and families, in unserved and underserved areas (urban and rural), from participating in educational, housing, health, and digital workforce development opportunities.

To eliminate this barrier, all Essential Families programs are “layered”, on Essential Families Digital Navigator assisted broadband internet, enabling ACCESS to our essential programs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for children and families.

The Essential Broadband Pilot goal was to provide 69 families with preventive, virtual, essential Programs and Services.

Within 37 days, we exceed our 69 families goal. Today, we have a waiting list of 69 for our below services:

1. Digital Navigator (ACP Internet Access Assistance)
2. Laptop computer
3. Ring Video Doorbell
4. Computer and Internet Training
5. Virtual Home Visiting
6. Virtual Mental Telehealth
7. EveryThing- Essential Local Resources, at your fingertips!
8. DIANE – Grandparents raising their grandchildren
9. NoW Video Conference
10. Z Trip (transportation)
11. Child Care Payment Assistant
12. Digital Workforce Development (which includes, Digital Navigator, AWS Linux Software Developer, Remote Digital Marketing Specialist, Entrepreneur business startup, and Virtual Home Visitor training)

All Essential Families programs are measured in “Real Time” and Data is reported in “Real Time” to Funders, Donors, Families, and Providers.

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Terri English Yancy
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Founder and Chief Executive Officer
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Terri English-Yancy
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